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Practice Areas


We represent local, regional, national and global banks on both straightforward and sophisticated loan matters, including asset-based, real estate and unsecured transactions. Having both banking and legal experience, we provide a unique perspective to our clients that most other law firms lack. We work closely with loan officers, underwriters, administrators, managers, department heads, chief credit officers and executive level management in structuring, negotiating, documenting and closing a wide variety of loan transactions. We also conduct reviews of existing loan files to assist in our clients' efforts to monitor compliance by borrowers of loan conditions, as well as to identify potential problems with loans at an early stage. Our bank and financial institution clients also benefit from our experience in real estate as they expand their network of branches, offices and headquarters locations, as well as when they decide to reduce their real estate holdings. Shea Law P.C. prides itself on its ability to help our clients get to closing with the least amount of effort while, at the same time, the greatest sense of security.

When markets change and businesses struggle, we assist our finance clients in dealing with troubled loans. We help negotiate and document loan extensions, modifications, forbearances and workouts. We work closely with our clients to determine the most effective strategy to minimize loss and maximize recovery. We can tread softly or be an aggressive advocate, depending on the direction our clients wish to take. If litigation is the only viable course of action, we are prepared to move forward.


No client is too large or small for our business law services. We represent individuals, privately owned and publically held companies. We help people start businesses, grow them and implement an exit strategy when desired. We counsel clients not just about deals, but about day-to-day operating issues as well. Every matter is important to us, whether it is drafting or negotiating a purchase or sale contract, an acquisition agreement, a supply agreement, a management agreement, a lease, an employment agreement, a services agreement, a financing agreement, a license or any other business agreement. We assist with selecting and creating the most appropriate form of entity, whether it be a corporation, a partnership, a limited liability company, an association, a joint venture, a sole proprietorship or other structure. Your business is important to us. We humbly take pride in helping you succeed.


The old saying, “it's not what you earn, but what you keep” resonates with us. Our estate planning practice is aimed at helping our clients meet their personal goals for wealth planning and business succession. We recognize that the two do not happen independently of one another. Care must be taken to ensure that appropriate strategies are pursued depending on each client's unique personal, family and business circumstances. We often work closely with our clients' other professionals such as accountants and financial planners to bring a team approach to creating an integrative solution to their complex financial and planning issues. In addition to planning services, we represent clients in probate matters and trust and estate administration and disputes.


Shea Law P.C. concentrates its litigation practice on disputes that affect businesses and their owners. We represent plaintiffs and defendants in contract disputes, real estate matters and trust and estate claims. We understand the importance of litigation to our clients in troubled economic times. We seek to determine the most cost-effective strategy, which may include an alternative dispute resolution approach, such as arbitration or mediation. We may counsel our clients not to litigate if the costs are likely to outweigh the overall benefits. We listen carefully to our clients to understand the issues in order to offer the best possible advice. When a client's needs are in a litigation area in which we do not regularly practice, we often work with co-counsel or refer our clients to other firms in order to find the best solution for our clients. We know that it's not about us, it's about our clients' best interests.


Our real estate practice is one of our core strengths. We have assisted clients in over 1,000 real estate transactions over more than two decades. Our experience covers residential, commercial, office, industrial, agricultural and development property. Whether a client is buying or selling a home, developing large condominiums, multi-family apartments, office buildings, strip shopping centers, regional malls, warehouses or industrial complexes, creating vertical subdivisions or other mixed-use developments, leasing offices or retail space, annexing, zoning or subdividing land, financing any of the above, we have the experience to handle the transaction. Our banking experience gives us an additional level of comfort that allows us to get the deal done efficiently. Having done so many different deals gives us a high degree of insight into the issues that our clients face. Our experience allows us to add value to our clients' transactions beyond the aspects of preparing and reviewing documents. Real estate deals are tangible, and we can point to our successes and those of our clients as we drive across town or across the country.

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